These represent currently active congregations affiliated with Prison Congregations of America. Some, but not all, were assisted by PCA in their startups. For easier reference, they are categorized by denomination. Most have websites listed here and can be found on Facebook as well.

Christian Reformed Church

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Celebration Fellowship

Grand Rapids, MI

Website: https://celebrationfellowship.org/
Pastor, Bob Arbogast


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New Life Prison Community

Newton, IA

Website: http://www.newlife-prison.org/
Pastor, Rick Admiraal


Disciples of Christ

St. Francis of Assisi Christian Church

Draper, UT

Website: http://www.sfaccattheprison.com/
Pastor, Charles Hines



*Church of Another Chance

Nashville, TN

Website: http://www.churchofanotherchance.org/
Pastor, Michael Corder

Email: pastormichael@churchofanotherchance.org
This congregation consists of men who are being held in the Davidson County jail system.

*New Life in Christ Christian Church

Louisville, KY
Website: https://www.missionbehindbarsandbeyond.org
Pastor, Carol Wieger samsonlevi@gmail.com
This congregation consists of women who have been released from prison into a halfway house

*Congregations that are not operating inside a prison facility

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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The Community of St. Dysmas

Baltimore Area, MD

Website: http://www.stdysmasmd.org/
Pastor, Susan Beck pastor@communitystdysmas.com
This was Pastor Ed Nesselhuf’s first prison congregation, in 1984.

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St. Dysmas Prison Ministry Of South Dakota

Sioux Falls, SD

Website: www.stdysmas.com
Pastor, Wayne Gallipo pastorwayne@stdysmas.com
When Pastor Ed returned to South Dakota from the East Coast, he brought the model to Sioux Falls.
The first worship service was held at the South Dakota State Penitentiary in May, 1990.

St. Dysmas

Springfield, SD
Website: www.stdysmas.com
Pastor, David Bentz

Email: pastordavid@stdysmas.com

Church of the Damascus Road Texas


New Beginnings Worshiping Community

Denver, CO
Website: https://www.newbeginningswc.org
Pastor, Terry Schjang Email: terry.schjang@gmail.com


Followers of Christ

Lincoln, NE

Website: http://www.osllincoln.org/prison-ministry.html
Pastor Bob Bryan (retired)
Check with Our Saviors Lutheran Church or the Nebraska Synod on transition progress
lincolnpastor.oslc@gmail.com or rich@nebraskasynod.org

Church of the Damascus Road

Fort Dodge & Rockwell City, IA

Website: http://codrcare.org
Pastor, Paul Stone


Free Indeed

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Living Stones

Freedom In Christ

Deer Lodge, MT

Website: http://www.ficprisonministry.com
Pastor, Rob Nedbalek PastorRob@ficprisonministry.com


Breaking the Chains Church

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Santa Isabel Ministry to Immigrants

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Grace and Hope Fellowship

Pendleton, IN

Pastor, John Stramiello


Presbyterian USA

Hagars Community Church.jpg

Hagar’s Community Church

Gig Harbor, WA

Website: https://www.hagarscommunitychurch.com/
Pastor, Layne Brubaker

Email: hagarscommunitychurch@gmail.com

Reformed Church In America


Living Stone Prison Church

Springfield, SD

Website: https://livingstoneprisonchurch.com/
Pastor, Jason Wiersma

Email: jrwiersma@yahoo.com

United Methodist Church

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Grace Place

Fort Pillow, TN

Website: http://www.graceplacemethodist.com/
Pastor, Diane Harrison


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Women at the Well

Mitchellville, IA

Website: http://www.womenatthewellumc.org/
Pastor, Lee Schott


A new UMC congregation is in the formation stages in Central Florida.  

PCA is partnering with the UMC Mission Developers as they launch a pilot project in which both the INSIDE prison congregation AND the OUTSIDE re-entry program will begin in tandem.  There will be one pastor for the church plant inside the women’s correctional facility in Ocala, and another pastor assigned to construct the framework for the reintegration piece to serve the women when they are released from incarceration.  

We are very excited to be a part of this Spirit-filled venture in Florida, and honored to accompany our United Methodist Church Mission Developers in implementing a “Train the Trainer” model empowering the OUTSIDE pastor to replicate reintegration training across the state of Florida, thereby equipping the UMC to more broadly welcome and readily assist women coming out of prison to communities from the Panhandle to Miami.