Pray Without Ceasing

Jul 29, 2018

by Eric Sponheim, former board member

Saying “I’ll pray for you” is an often-expressed response to others’ cares and concerns.

By itself, the statement may mean a lot or a little. Coming from a politician commenting on yet another terrible shooting, offering prayer and nothing more can seem shallow. Yet as Mary noted in a post last month, most readers of this blog surely do seek to follow through on heart-felt expressions of intent to pray for others.

As people offering these prayers, it may sometimes seem like we’re not really doing enough. We may desire to also take some more tangible, concrete action.

That is certainly a laudable desire. Taking tangible steps may or may not be possible, depending on the situation. Even if other actions aren’t available, however, prayer still carries power as it opens up communication with God.

My point is that prayer itself is powerful, in ways deeper and richer than we can fully imagine or comprehend.  Prison Congregations has always understood this central truth, as visualized in the symbol of praying hands.

In short, as the apostle Paul urged (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18), we are to pray without ceasing.

For whom and for what are you praying today?

Category: Faith

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