No April Fool's Joke!

Apr 03, 2018

by Mary Mortenson, Executive Director, Prison Congregations of America

Christ is risen!!  He is risen, indeed! And that is no April Fool’s joke!

It’s Easter – the ultimate party - the celebration that diminishes all others!  We’ve trudged through Lent.  We’ve averted our eyes from the shame and torture.  We’ve wept at the cross.  And now we get to celebrate Christ is risen!!  He is risen, indeed!

The reaction of Jesus’ followers was as diverse as they were.  Some saw, believed and told, some doubted and had to see for themselves, and some were afraid. At one time or another, I can relate to all of these reactions.

Usually I believe that Jesus died and rose again, and I can comfortably share that news.  Sometimes – in those rare times of doubt and sadness, I wonder…And sometimes, I simply have to run to the tomb and see for myself.  But at the end of the day, it’s not about us and our reactions.  Jesus rose from the dead for the believers, the doubters and the seekers - for us all – and our reactions in no way affect that truth.

Rev. David Miller once wrote in Christ in Our Home: “The burden of guilt and rituals of sacrifice for sin are abolished.  Christ appears to reveal that the Blessed Trinity has dealt with the guilt of sin once and for all, declaring universal forgiveness on this broken, sin-scarred world.  The Holy One shutters the guilt store, announcing that in Christ, there is no more condemnation.  Christ is God’s yes to all of us whether or not we know it. Whether or not we are prepared to accept the gift freely offered…Each new day is laced with hope, for the one who always was and will be is present in every love, every beauty, and every grace that touches us.  Every morning glimmers with the light of the eternal day because the one who is life and love lives…It is dawn.  The promise of life shines fresh…The Risen One lives.” 

And that is no April Fool’s joke!

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