Easter in Prison

Apr 09, 2017

By Gloria Gurwell, PCA Board Member

We have just finished our last Lenten service at American Lutheran Church in Sun City, AZ.  We have been using the Holden service.  I think it is an evening prayer service really.  It is one of the most beautiful services to sing and a most perfect ending of the day. 

When I was in prison, all the church services were special.  I attended almost all of them.  People on the outside tend to be critical of inmates attending church services, thinking that they only attend to get out of their cells.  Right--I did that a lot.  However you never know when a seed will be planted and down the road a person may remember something they heard in church and make a difference in their life. 

For me God was a lifeline to sanity in a crazy place.  And God never let me down.  I would get mail from strangers and friends when I needed it most.  Another inmate would be friendlier than usual.  And I learned to love those gals in there.  I learned to laugh again in prison--no kidding. 

Religion in my daily life makes me a better person and keeps me on a clearer path.  How can that hurt anyone?  One more thing about Easter in prison; the bunny rabbit didn't show up, but the Catholic ladies in town made homemade pretzels and sent them over for us.  I had heard the "religious" explanation of the meaning of the pretzel shape and have lost it over the years.  But I haven't lost the memory.  God's peace to all of you at Easter time.

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