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Reentry & Kite Decals

Interest in reentry is a natural result of the PCA model of prison ministry. The relationships that are built among the inmate congregation members and the outside visitors often lead to the visitors’ interest in supporting the inmate members as they return to society. Sometimes this is done simply by meeting a returning citizen at the gate of the prison as he or she is released. More often, however, individuals and groups are availing themselves of training through which they learn to be mentor teams which give support to and request accountability of the returning citizen.

Successful Reentry Programs Provide...

Education because large numbers of inmates do not read or possess employability or parenting skills.

Self-Worth & Growth Opportunities such as support and problem solving groups.

A Sense of Belonging through community network systems. A "Sense of Belonging" is a powerful emotion. When members of an inmate congregation sense the support and encouragement of outside congregations and volunteers, of being included and treated as equals, they feel empowered to use their individual gifts for the benefit of the community.

Role Models of a Healthy Life-style since many inmates have not seen or experienced healthy families or choices - learning by mentoring is successful

A Spiritual Foundation because it is believed that any real "change in attitude" in the way a person looks at life has to be spiritual in nature. The gospel of Jesus Christ, with His teachings and parables, lived out by God's people in community (congregations) are a great force for positive change in an individual's life


While Prison Congregations of America does not typically do reentry training, we do act as a clearinghouse of reentry programs that are compatible with the PCA model. The following list is meant as resource rather than recommendation.

Celebration Fellowship – Email: richrienstra@hotmail.com
The Church of the Damascus Road - www.codrcare.org
Circles of Support & Accountability - alberta.mcc.org/programs/rjm/cosa
CrossOver Prison Ministries – www.CrossOverPrisonMinistries.org

Healing Communities Prison Ministry - www.healingcommunitiesusa.org

Mission Behind Bars and Beyond - www.missionbehindbarsandbeyond.org

Project COPE - www.projcope.org

Women at the Well – Email: womenatthewell@iaumc.org

Woyatan Prison Re-entry Program - www.woyatan.org; woyatanreentry@gmail.com


Kite Decals

The kite decal was designed for congregations who would like to be intentional about welcoming people as they get out of prison. It’s meant to be visible on windows or doors. The decal can be downloaded and printed out or you may contact the PCA office for one, which will be sent to you in exchange for a donation of your choice.

Kite Decal (JPEG)
Kite Decal Mirrored (JPEG)