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Donations can be mailed to PO Box 1335, Sioux Falls, SD 57101-1335

Or you can donate a one time gift today via PayPal. You will be mailed receipt for your records.

Types of Giving /Ways to Give

Give For Today

At their meeting in October, the Board of Directors approved the budget for 2013. This reflects the resources that allow the work of PCA to happen.  It covers travel, telephone, and mail and all the ways in which we communicate with people working on developing congregations. It also covers salaries for the director and administrative assistant, as well as expenses associated with board  meetings. The PCA annual budget is supported almost entirely by donation!   Donations come from some of the current prison congregations as a means of affirming the PCA model, as they help it to spread to other prisons. Churches around the country send regular donations, lending credence to the claim that as the PCA model brings the Gospel to those in prison, it renews the outside church.  Board and staff make regular contributions. The balance of the budget is met through financial gifts from individuals. It can’t be stated strongly enough how thankful the board and staff of PCA are for these generous and faithful donors.


Give For Tomorrow and Partners in Change

In 2008, the Board of Directors voted to have a designated fund that would eventually become an endowment.  The funds designated for the endowment are now in an interest bearing savings account.  The endowment will ensure support for the ministry and programs of PCA into perpetuity. Just like a private investment or savings account, the endowment gifts are meant to be in addition to gifts in support of the annual budget.  We are pleased to accept cash gifts, honoraria or memorials.  We are grateful for the number of people who have chosen to become Partners in Change by including PCA in their estate plan. If you are currently, or wish to become, a Partner in Change, please complete the card enclosed with this newsletter and send it to the PCA office.


Endowment Matching Gift Opportunity

An anonymous donor has pledged a $5000 matching gift for five years, starting in 2011, to the endowment fund. We are now in the second year of this match.  Anything you contribute to the Endowment Fund will be matched up to $5000.  Can you contribute $5000, $2500, $1000, $500 or whatever you can to the match?  Simply include a note with your donation designating it to the $25,000 Endowment Match.


Good Search

Donate each time you use the web. GoodSearch www.goodsearch.com PCA is now on GoodSearch.com. Please consider using GoodSearch as your internet search engine. Each time you use it or do business with anyone listed on GoodShop, a donation will be made to PCA. Simply follow the directions on www.goodsearch.com.  GoodShop is another easy way to direct donations to PCA!