10 Years! Where did the time go?

Aug 19, 2018

by Jack Mortenson

It was just a little over ten years ago that Mary accepted the reins of PCA from Founder and Pastor Ed Nesselhuff. Mary had worked for PCA (Ed) for two years as his assistant and "Girl Friday".  She loved the work as she loved Ed.  She was helping him get things in order so that he could retire, and part of that was the selection of a suitable successor.

Because Ed was a pastor, it was assumed that his successor would be, should be, a pastor, too.  The Board met and conferenced again and again, but the "fit" wasn't just right.  They finally came to the conclusion that the Director might not need to be a pastor.  He or she would direct the activities of PCA in the recruiting of pastors and prisons.  Mary was selected as the Director and worked closely with Pastor Ed to bring about this next stage of Prison Congregations of America.

PCA has shaped our lives by having Mary's desk and whole office in our basement. She is only a few steps from her work and it calls most days and nights. My desk is only a few feet away from Mary and she lets me help her with many things. 

It is once again time for a transition.  Mary has been able, because of Ed's lead and the PCA Board of Directors wonderful assistance, to increase the number of PCA congregations to 34 worshipping communities.  AND, there are several more "in the hopper".  It is a delicate dance that is done to bring prison managements, outside congregations, and pastors who feel called, to all come to an understanding that these congregations serve the inmates, the prisons, the outside supporting congregations, and the called Pastors. 

As I write this, the PCA Board is in the process of announcing Ed's and Mary's successor.  By the end of the year the transition will be complete and the new Director will be installed, ready to bring Faith, Prayer, Work, Compromise, and GRACE with a renewed spirit and eyes to the future of Prison Congregations of America.  This new Director will need Mary's help, the Board's help, Your help and, of course, God's help. 

Thanks be to God for the Journey!

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