God's Transforming Love

Mar 20, 2018

by Chris Flohr, PCA Board Member

Prison ministry is unique for some obvious reasons. The setting being a big one.  Yet prison ministry is not a unique ministry in the sense it seeks to share the good news of God's transforming love with all.  I was reminded of this recently in a letter I received from a prisoner who is serving time in a state prison where one of our Prison Congregations of America (PCA) is located.

The letter:

“Awhile back I was having trouble with one of the guards…one day when I came back to the unit after work, I noticed my cell had been ‘shaken down’, searched.  I keep my bible on the desk – same place I keep my denture bath (utilizing limited space!).  The denture bath had been spilled and my bible suffered some water damage.  Instantly I grabbed my bible and I go stomping off toward the Sgt’s Cage.  Going to do battle – I was LIVID!  Half way there I was overcome with God’s peace – I no longer wanted war, but I did continue on to the Sgt’s Cage, where I confronted the Sargent with my damaged bible.  I told him I was initially going to file a grievance and seek reparation for my damaged bible, but had had a change of heart.  I continued by stating that from now on, every time I looked at my damaged bible I would pray for him.  Please pray for him too, as he is a miserable creature who would benefit greatly from experiencing God’s love!”

The transforming love of God has ample opportunities to be shown and shared!  I have known the author of this letter for over a decade.  He has struggled trusting that he is worthy of God’s love.  God has patiently and faithfully worked on the author’s heart.  He has come a long way and now desires God’s transforming love for others.

Many of our PCA prison congregations use liturgy and observe the seasons of the church year.  In this season of Lent I am reminded of these liturgical words based on Psalm 51:  Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit within me.  Cast me not away from your presence and take not your Holy Spirit from me.  Restore to me the joy of your salvation and uphold me with your free spirit.

May this be so for us all.  You can help transform hearts of those in prison (prisoners and guards) with your prayers and donations to Prison Congregations of America.      

Lent Blessings,


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