All Saints, All Year Round

Nov 12, 2017

by Pastor Paul Stone of the Church of The Damascus Road (CoDR) at the Fort Dodge and North Central Correctional Facilities in Iowa

I have been CoDR’s pastor since March 2009. Previously I served congregations for 18 years. Before that I worked as a counselor and administrator in the Illinois Dept. of Corrections for 15 years prior to ordination.

We have just passed All Saints Day on November 1st, 500 years and one day after Martin Luther posted his 95 theses (points for debate) on the Castle Church door in Wittenberg Germany. In a nutshell, he had discovered the unwarranted and unmitigated grace God had intended him to experience and share. I told the men in worship that being saints is a process of ever-expanding discovery of God within ourselves. We were created "good.”

As humans we get selfish and stray. God continually, nay continuously, calls us back into relationship with him via grace. All Saints calls us to get out of God's way, to listen, to blossom, and to experience the joy of being God's completely loved children. There is nothing better than that! Unless, of course, it is seeing and seizing opportunities to share that Great News with others.

Have a blessed day, month, year, and life, All You Saints.

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