Rachel Kurtz to Sing for PCA

Feb 12, 2017

By Julie Thomas, Administrative Assistant, Prison Congregations of America

A year and a half ago, Mary Mortenson and I were privileged to attend a conference in Minneapolis called “Why Christian?”  The two day conference was held in a beautiful church and consisted of woman after woman getting up and sharing her story about why she considers herself Christian.  All of the women who spoke would be considered to be “outside” of what a “normal” Christian would look like and had often been harmed by the very churches and denominations they had grown up in.  Needless to say, the testimonies were powerful and Mary and I came away with a renewed sense of who we were in God’s love and what we were about as ministers to those who are incarcerated. 

Performing at the conference was a woman named Rachel Kurtz.  Rachel had a chance to share a bit of her story with us in between songs, and her testimony was powerful as well, but her singing!  Oh my, her singing!  She has a huge voice and a beautiful smile and can rock the Gospel as you’ve never heard it. 

PCA holds a fundraiser each fall called Partners at the Cross.  It’s usually a banquet with music and a speaker.  The board of directors has decided to take a hiatus from the “usual” for a couple of years.  This October, instead of a banquet, we will have Rachel Kurtz in to sing for us. 

Rachel Kurtz is an incredible singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, with a beautiful voice and an amazing story. Rachel shares personal testimonies of tragedy and triumph with a vulnerability that captivates her audience. She has performed at the last three ELCA Youth Gatherings and has had the opportunity to travel to Africa, Germany and India with her music ministry. Her song “Make A Difference,” unveiled at the 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering, has become a widespread sensation sung by praise bands, youth groups, and school choirs from coast to coast. She has a strong desire to make a difference in the world through her music and a passion for global justice.

Mark your calendars for October 21, 2017 when Prison Congregations of America will host an evening with Rachel Kurtz.   You will come away changed.

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