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Category: mission

How is your [donated] money used? It’s used to perform a miracle Thursday night’s at 6:30 PM behind the walls of the South Dakota State Penitentiary. God meets us not only in the sacraments, but in another place, a promise. In Matthew’s gospel Jesus tells us we will find him in the least among us: the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the stranger, the sick and those in prison. This is the secret to the success of the Prison Congregation’s of America model of ministry. We welcome visitors to our worship service each week where they encounter Christ and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, they become the face of Christ to those who are in prison.

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Building Bridges

Jan 21, 2017

Category: Leadership

[Ed Nesselhuf] inspired me to do more in my home church here in Chicago. When the opportunity for Bethel Lutheran Church came to be involved in ministry with returning citizens, I advocated for Bethel church to take part in this ministry. Now every Tuesday at 7:30 PM for the past several years, we host a worship service called the Bridge. The Bridge is a ministry of Mission USA that is geared toward men and woman who are returning to the community from prison or in recovery. Bethel hosts the service which in sponsored each week by churches from different denominations. Each week four different preachers minister to the participants on a predetermined topic submitted by the participants followed by a meal.

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Rainbow Reflections

Jan 15, 2017

Category: Hope

Prison is cold. Languishing in a plastic chair, an elbow resting on my bunk's metal headboard, I wistfully gaze through metal bars guarding my cell. Four feet beyond looms an expanded metal mesh barricade between angled iron uprights. All is a uniform gray - the color of fog, dirty dishwater, endless storm clouds... Suddenly a burst of sunlight pierces the clouds, casting beams through the prisms of the glass blocks, spraying dancing, flickering rainbows across the walls. Colors so close, I can touch them - a ray of hope. Colors so bright, I can embrace them - a touch of warmth. A flicker of God's smile! God certainly knows how to gift-wrap his creation.

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Category: Witness

Left alone and depressed in a jail cell in Nashville after getting a DUI, I had no hope to go forward in life. Most of my family and friends had shunned me. I had no one that would take my calls while I was incarcerated...Someone invited me to attend your services who knew I was not doing well. Reluctantly I agreed and went...I felt love, hope, compassion, concern, and most importantly works in the form of action. When you said, “How can I help?” I believed you really meant it...

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And So We Start Anew

Jan 01, 2017

Category: Leadership

Here is what I know for sure: the blessings and challenges that lay before us in 2017 will all be God-driven and God-present. Things will not happen exactly according to our plans, but will happen in God’s time, with God’s guidance. As director of this amazing ministry, I am constantly reminded that this is God’s work, and it is my great privilege to be along for the ride.

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To determine internal swelling is difficult enough, therefore, consequently, they influence the body for a long time, which threatens the normal fetus. Fluids are dangerous because they break blood circulation. Similar situation leads to worsening feeding and the breath baby, created hypoxia.
Fighting such a pathology should be done with the help of correction feeding and special exercises so that fluid does not stay tissues. If expectant mother is resting, then under the feet better put a cushion or pillow to improve the blood circulation of tired legs. Prohibited long time to sit or stand, as this leads to stagnation in the body. It is recommended that the knee-elbow position several times a day in order to increase blood flow.
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